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Acupressure: User Friendly Self Healing

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A detailed description on how to use all the tools is found here.

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ACU-KI The Acu-Ki is designed for deep effective stimulation of Acupressure points on the body, ear, hands and feet. It has a sharp and dull end for different places where it is used. It allows you to stimulate the Acupressure points accurately - sustaining the correct amount of pressure much better and longer than you can with your fingers. It is made of natural wood and small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. It's wonderful rolling it on the floor with your feet or massaging your hands. This rolling action stimulates pressure points on these systems that heals and balances all the parts of the body.  $11.90 (plus s&h USA) (Non USA S&H cost will vary)



Mini Acu-Ki This is one of our newest  products just introduced to more accurately stimulate the Auriculotherapy points on the ear. This tool adds to the growing number of effective tools that have been developed to stimulate acupressure points by Stressaway Acupressure. We feel the use of these simple tools are a cornerstone of why we get such good results. $5.45 (plus s&h USA) (Non USA S&H cost will vary)

HAPPY-FEET The Stressaway Acupressure Program treats the ears, hands, feet and regular acupressurepoints. All the parts of the body are found on the feet and these other systems. Rolling on the bottoms of the feet stimulatesall the Acupressure points that may be sore in the meridian system. This provides a method to completely balance the body and energize ourselves. We may find and treat illnesses and imbalances before they become serious health threats. The ends are use dto also stimulate the regular acupressure points.$18.00 (plus s&h USA)  (Non USA S&H cost will vary)



STRESSAWAY MASSAGER This tool rolls away stress through deep massage of muscles and through activation of Acupressure points in deep muscle systems and on bones. This is the tool that feels good while it activates the Healing Response. This is the first tool developed 30 years ago. We are still amazed at all the different ways people report relief after using it. Often just rolling around problem areas, will stimulate pressure points that cause healing. It is especially effective for releasing muscle spasms and cramps in muscles. The first time I rolled this on a woman's head, her headache of three weeks duration went away. This led me to study acupuncture and I found out several years later that there are 86 different points on the head that acupuncturists use to treat headaches. Just by rolling on the head and stimulating sore points, the body is tricked into thinking we have hurt ourselves. The resulting Healing Response gets rid of many headaches. This tool is powerful when used with the other points. By rolling the Stressaway all over the head we are stimulating points that relate to balancing the total meridian system. This leads to better health and a renewed sense of well being. "This is the best thing I have ever bought." Betty Schuster  $18.00 (plus s&h USA) (Non USA S&H cost will vary)


be.gif (2827 bytes)BACK-EZE This tool was designed to give a deep massage to the muscles of the spine. Adjustable rollers mount onto a wall to massage your muscles - using your own body weight. You can now ease muscle spasms, improve circulation, and reduce tension and stress in your back and shoulders without anyone's help. The back is a miniaturization of the body that may treat any meridian imbalance. Stimulating points on the back can treat the whole body. Four acupuncture points in the lower back (listed on instructions) are critical for longevity. Most conditions treated with acupressure have important points on the back that are easily stimulated with the Back-Eze. $47.19 (plus s&h USA)  (Non USA S&H cost will vary)





Mini Back-Eze     Designed so it can be more portable for stimulation of points on the back.   $29.00 (plus s&h USA) (Non USA S&H cost will vary)                       






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