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Acupressure: User Friendly Self Healing

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All the items are grouped into various packages. Individual book and and tool description are found in those sections. This section goes from the most basic combination (1 tool & 1 introductory book) to one of everything There are two introductory packages and four more comprehensive packages. Tools, books, videos and CDs are added to each new package.

acu set

ACU-KI SET contains the basic introductory book (Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Healing) and tool (Acu-ki). This is the starter system and gives the most general information. 14% off individual selling price. $19.00  +S&H in USA

(Non USA S&H cost will vary)




Min Set The Mini Acu-Ki Set, including the book, Acupressure Fundamentals and the Mini Acu-Ki tool, is designed to be a low cost introduction to acupressure. It identifies a self healing system using 20 traditional acupressure points to address over 270 health symptoms. (The Acu-Ki Set emphasizes the use of reflexology points on the ears, hands and feet.) The small acu-ki provides fast, effective, and affordable stimulation of acupressure points. This portable 4" x 6" booklet can be used while traveling, camping, walking or working! The booklet links to over a 1000 pages of information on the internet. This system is ideal for an affordable health care program. 44 pages $9.95 +S&H
(Non USA S&H cost will vary)


mini kit

Deluxe Acu-Ki Set contains the Acu-Ki with our best book Acupressure Comprehensive Index. (380 pages) $31.60 + S&H
(Non USA S&H cost will vary)




mini kit

MINI ACUPRESSURE KIT contains 2  books (Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Healing and Acupressure Recipes) and 2 tools (Acu-ki and the small Stressaway massager 7"). 20% off individual selling price. $33.90   + S&H in USA (Non USA S&H cost will vary)



reg kit

REGULAR ACUPRESSURE KIT contains 2 books (Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Healing and Acupressure Recipes) and 3 tools ( Acu-ki, Happy-Feet and the 10" Stressaway Massager). 20% off individual selling price. $55.95   +S&H  in USA (Non USA S&H cost will vary)






The DELUXE ACUPRESSURE KIT below is our best selling combination of books and tools for using acupressure.

deluxe finalDELUXE ACUPRESSURE KIT  (SURVIVAL KIT) contains our best book (Acupressure Comprehensive Index 4000 symptoms, 380 pages) and 5 tools. Includes CD with pictures of and discriptions of primary points for over 300 symptoms, Stressaway Acupressure ebook, and How I stopped The Pain With Acupressure ebook, (The large Stressaway Massager 12", the Happyfeet and the 3 Acu-ki.) 20% off individual selling price. $83.25 +S&H  (Non USA S&H cost will vary)




ONE OF EVERYTHING is the DELUXE KIT (above) plus the Back-eze, Introductory Video and the Acupressure Computer Analysis Program. It includes the best of everything we have at our best discount price of 25%. Especially helpful for practitioners and/or people with large families who have lots of family and friends who can benifit from this system. $231.00  + S&H to USA (Non USA S&H cost will vary)




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