Acupressure: User Friendly Self Healing

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The information and methods set forth in this web site reflect the author's (Monte Cunningham) experiences and are not intended to replace medical advice. Diagnosis and treatment are not intended to be a purpose of this site. We make no claims about the effectiveness of this information and each individual is advised to use this information and these tools at their own risk. Part of our efforts are to define the cost, risks and advantages of using this information for your own healing and health.

The Acu-Ki Institute is a non-profit educational corporation dedicated to integrating these acupressure tools and this information into balance with our traditional medical model. We focus on research, teaching and publishing information that will help people to reach a balance in their lives, through the use of acupressure as taught through our Stressaway Acupressure Program. We do our own publishing and we make the tools that are the foundation of our successful self-help system.

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