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There are a number of different products that will give you the best results with acupressure.  I emphasize inexpensive items that you can use yourself.  I have developed 4 tools that I produce out of wood and I have found other good products that are make available to you.  Fingers can be used but many people can't get enough pressure to give them good results and their fingers start hurting after a short time. 

The best bargains (14 to 25% off individual selling prices) are found in combining these items (tools and books) which we have done in the Best Sellers. The section on best sellers list only these combinations. The individual products are described in either of the three sections at the left; tools; books; and computer program.

Traditional Chinese Medicine use a combination of acupuncture and herbs.   Acupressure can take the place of acupuncture and using the correct herbs can speed your improvement.  Those wishing the fastest improvement using alternative health methods should use a combination of the different systems that work for them.

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