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Acupressure: User Friendly Self Healing

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COMPUTER ACUPRESSURE ANALYSIS   A computer printout of the most important points for your condition. Each picture has a clear diagram of each point and a written description that explains how to find each point in laymans terms. This is free for one symptom.   Simply describe your symptom  so we can send the copy to you in this e-mail form.  If you want several symptoms we ask for a donation of $2 for each symptom after the first.  We have over 4000 symptoms listed.  A sample printout shows you four of the most important points for headaches, neck and shoulder pain.     

COMPUTER ACUPRESSURE ANALYSIS PROGRAM   A computer program that gives you a picture and point description for over 4000 symptoms.  Critical points descriptions and pictures are listed for each symptom summarized from 400 experts in acupressure and acupuncture.. This is ideal for professionals, large families and people who want to be self-reliant. Find the symptoms easily and view or print the points listed in the easiest format to use for just that condition. The Sample-Headache link on this page shows the format for the program.  This program does the analysis above.  $142.00    


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