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Your Healing Response

Pain is a warning of danger and a way to alert us to fix damaged parts of our body. Physical and emotional pain is an important message for health and survival. In response to pain we produce endorphins to kill the pain, increase the heart rate, change the blood pressure, increase the flow of toxins from the damaged area, and initiate a long series of internal healing processes. I call this the "Healing Response." Most of us take this process for granted. There is a revolution just ahead in medical science as we open these avenues of self healing. We are truly self healing organisms. We possess capacities and potentials that we have only begun to tap. These tools and techniques will allow you to begin exploring this healing process for yourself.

Acupuncture tricks the body into thinking it has been damaged by creating a small injury. In principle, this is very similar to our western tradition of vaccinations. When acupuncturists insert a needle, the body responds as if it has been cut. Most of the methods used by acupuncturists (including acupressure) simulate some kind of damage. Acupuncturists have tools to simulate damage by cutting, pressure, electricity, heat, ice, lasers, lights, magnets, scratching, and chemicals.

Acupressure is the application of pressure on specific points (using the fingers or acupressure tools) to trick the body to begin its Healing Response. Healing responses for a particular pain do not occur all over the body. We get the Healing Response just on the area of damage and along specific paths related to nerves and electrical lines called meridians. For example, endorphins (natural painkillers in the body) produce a numbing effect along these meridians. When you create pain by putting pressure on points, you are artificially starting all your body's healing mechanisms for that specific point and various symptoms related to that point. While the body is trying to heal the point of pain, it also heals specific symptoms. The more sensitive the points, and the more pain you create, the stronger the healing response (the body thinks it has been hurt more) and the better your results. When I press a point on my hand that is sore, the body is deadening the pain at the point at my hand, and along the meridian, going from my hand into the elbow, shoulder, neck, and head. It is also producing the Healing Response all along that meridian.

The key to making acupressure work is to know which points create the Healing Response for a particular problem. Knowing the problem determines which meridians are related and which points might help. If a point that relates to a problem is sore, that tells you it will create the Healing Response for that problem. The diagrams in this booklet and in our other publications contain the most recommended points as reported by over two hundred acupuncturists. The points that work best for you and how long it takes to get results are individual matters that you will work out for yourself.  

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