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Tinnitus Relief with Acupressure

This is the web page that will focus on tinnitus. This page will include background, research, articles, how to start using the points, blogs, facebook, twitter connections and all other networking information. This page will be open only to people who are part of the acupressure study program and are allowing us to assist them to get the best personal results possible and to track their progress.

The link to the points for relief of tinnitus are found below.


Some initial notes from Wensel relate to considerations for treating tinnitus with acupressure are posted here.
Endogenous noises which a person hears--ringing, hissing, or roaring in his head—are called tinnitus. This condition may accompany loss of hearing and be constant or intermittent. An attempt to determine the cause of tinnitus is very important because many of its causes respond to antibiotics or other standard American treatments. Drugs, such asquinine, streptomycin, salicylates, and alcohol may cause tinnitus. These should be eliminated before acupuncture is started. Many cases are caused by illness from which the patient has otherwise recovered.

Acupuncture has a high rate of effectiveness in the relief of tinnitus. Usually the condition is relieved by the time ten treatments have been given, and the relief may last for years. Vitamin E (400 International Units), Vitamin B12 (200 mcg.), Niacinamide (500 mg.) and Vitamin C (2000 mg.) should be prescribed for the patient to take each day indefinitely, along with a low fat, low carbohydrate diet and other nutrients as indicated.

Other considerations from different parts of the internet are here.

Here are some notes from a doctor who has written a good acupuncture book. I
have found several other interesting comments and research on your condition
and aqcupuncture and acupressure and I am summarizing some of them. I will
forward this information to you as soon as I pick out some of the relavant
parts. Just a few things that come to mind is that most accounts do not
expect any results quickly. The part of your instructions REPEAT often seems
to relate to your condition here. There are several different kinds of
tinnitus or causes. There are several related conditions also which should
be investigated. I will send you more on this. Some reports say that their
condition got worse before it got better. This sometimes happens with many
conditions when using acupressure. It is an indication that you are using
points that are related to your condition. Remember you do not have to use
all the points given at one time. But if you watch TV or do activities where
you have a free moment you may find it helpful to do a few of the points at
different times. I hope to be able to say to someone in a few months that
here are the results we have with tinnitus and appreciate your help in
evaluating this Stressaway Acupressure for your condition. Feel free to
email me if you have any questions or if anything is unclear. Thanks.

Acupuncture & Tinnitus Acupuncture has traditionally been successfully employed in China to treat most illnesses. There is little doubt that acupuncture is an excellent therapy for people suffering with this condition; in 1979 the World Health organisation listed 40 major diseases that could find relief by acupuncture treatment and tinnitus was included in that number. (1)

This is not surprising since acupuncture works through the nervous system and energy channels in the body and has also been shown to cause the brain to release endorphines and encephalins (natural pain killers), boost the immune system and calm the nervous system. There are also controlled research studies which have concluded that acupuncture is a "valuable therapeutic alternative in tinnitus"(3).

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  • (2)Mann F The Treatment of disease by acupuncture. Part 1 & 2 (Heinnemann Medical Books)
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