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Short Biography of Monty Cunningham

I grew up a super achiever. In high school I was student body president, co-captain of the football team, a class valedictorian and maintained an A average. When I left high school I won a government service scholarship and football scholarship to USC where I was planning on a law and a political career. I was on top of the world and everything looked great.

In my senior year of high school, I began having shooting pains down my legs. I had injured my back playing football in high school but didnít know it. That pain turned my life upside down. Nothing had prepared me for the devastating pain and complete loss of everything I aspired to and loved. My aspirations in sports, law, politics, and social life came to a screeching halt with the intermittent and unexplainable pain resulting from my injury. I lost all my scholarships, my friends, and I flunked out of school. It was like having a rug pulled out from under you. I never knew when the pain would strike or what caused it. Sometimes the pain kept me in bed for weeks at a time, but eighteen different doctors could not tell me what was wrong. The pain led to depression, hopelessness, despair, drinking, and several times it was so bad I considered suicide. When drinking was the only thing that killed the pain, I entered therapy. Five years of psychotherapy was very interesting but I remember asking, "How does all this create such intense pain? Why isn't anyone else here having the kind of pain I'm having?"

Ten years after my injury I finally realized that my pain was not psychological. I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my back which I assumed I had hurt playing football. My back injury had caused the pain. Two back surgeries later the pain had changed but it was still intense and always lurking in the background ready to completely disable me. Finally after fifteen years of suffering, doctors said, "You have Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and there is no treatment but to learn to live with it." AS is a form of rheumatoid arthritis characterized by inflammation and calcifying of the spine. It is very painful and hard to diagnose. "Ha." It hurts just to write about this time in my life.

When they said to learn to live with it, I began searching for other ways of healing, studying all kinds of diets, exercises, and meditation. Eventually I focused completely on this healing quest. For five years I wandered the deserts of California participating in more than forty different types of therapies. I just followed my heart and listened for my inner path of healing. By listening to my dreams and inner guidance, by prayer, communion with nature, meditation, and following the flow, I found what I needed. I learned techniques and developed tools that have worked for me and have helped others.

At one point in my search I realized that I had learned many of the techniques I needed to heal myself. I only needed to apply what I knew and to continue following my inner guidance. Going back to the real world of work and family life I developed a tool for working on my back (Stressaway Massager). It was for my own use but as others requested products for themselves I began making more of them. Many people got results I couldn't explain. Headaches would disappear; neck, shoulder, and back problems got better. I realized the Stressaway Massager was stimulating acupressure points which led to spontaneous mysterious healings. Over time, these healings of others led me to change the design of the tool and develop other tools to better stimulate the acupressure points. From the time when the idea for the first tool surfaced, I have been studying and listening for the best ways to apply this information. The knowledge I have learned in this quest is the basis of this unique system I call the Stressaway Acupressure Program.

In 1984 my Stressaway Massager was in 480 department stores across the country and the healing rates I have measured with my acupressure system is about a 78% reduction of pain in less than five minutes. My Acu-Ki Set (book and tool) has remained in the Edgar Cayce book club longer than any other author, other than Edgar Cayce.

One night I reflected on the amount of pain I have had in my life. I realized that had I not been so intensely affected I would not have put my life energies into how to deal with pain. Without the pain I would not have developed the knowledge on how to deal with it. Without the pain I would not be as driven to help others learn this knowledge. Without the pain I would not have developed the questioning that drove me inward to understand myself. Without the pain I would not have made any connection with my higher spiritual self that gives me a feeling of connectedness and oneness with everything around me. It has been the lemon that forced me to make lemonade. I can empathize with the pain of others. The Stressaway Acupressure Program has made my pain meaningful. Otherwise, it would have no meaning and no purpose. My mission of healing was made possible by my pain.

I have used this system for more than twenty five years. The pain is gone. When I do things that bring it back I am able to treat myself successfully without any outside help. Once I learned how to activate the Healing Response, there was nothing that disturbed my health or sense of harmony with the world. As each bit of information and each new tool was revealed to me, the knowledge led me to understand that I am a part of a larger meaning. There is a unity in all things that transcends my individual sense of separateness. When I am out of balance with myself, I experience being out of balance with nature and the universe. My body reflects this loss of wholeness through a sense of loneliness, pain, and disease. Being quiet and paying attention to my inner voice leads to the knowledge of what I must do to heal myself. As I reestablish my inner sense of balance and harmony, I begin feeling again my natural birthright -- a sense of beauty, oneness, and harmony with the universe.

Each of us must make this journey back to oneness and wholeness. No one else is going to heal us or fix us. Others can help us along the way but the path we take is completely up to us. The information in my books and the tools I have discovered can help us to heal ourselves. These books are a good map of one path to better health and happiness -- a path that has been around for thousands of years.

In this quest to deal with pain I have been married and had two children and was divorced. In an ongoing effort to heal my environment I have developed or chaired several organizations which includes; My Vote Counts, Western North Carolina Alliance (900 members), Keep Cedar Hills Rural (3000 supporters) and Cedar Hills Community Center (125 Members) and the Acu-Ki Institute (400 members). I have proposed current research programs in progress in South Africa, India and over 30 medical facilities in the US. I have lived mostly in California, Texas and North Carolina and am presently living in Snowflake, AZ.  Picture of my favorite hobby.

Monty Cunningham
The Acu-Ki Institute, Stressaway Acupressure
PO Box 564, Snowflake, AZ. 85937
World's Only Complete Acupressure Kit
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