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FFrequently Asked Questions 


What do I do when I have multiple symptoms?
Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of points that are recommended for each condition. You don’t have to stimulate all the points to get results. First pick the symptom that is most critical and focus on that in your treatment regime. See how it goes with those points. If you get results quickly move on to some of the other problem areas and just work on maintenance for the original problem. Different schedules are listed in Acupressure: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Healing. A second strategy is to count the number of times different points are used for all the different conditions and then rank the points by how often they are recommended. Then while you are working on priority symptom points also work on the most important overall points for you on a regular basis. Many time we find that points we are stimulating for a specific symptom will give relief for a different symptom. We are interested in studying this basis of treatment because the new development of computers allows us to do these counts easily and it may offer a new, more efficient, method of point selection for practitioners.

Are there any precautions when using acupressure?
When there is swelling in a particular part of the body do not stimulate the regular acupressure points in that area. Focus on the points in the ear, hands feet points and distal points that relate to that condition. If these points are not on your printouts see your Ancient Wisdom book for better pictures or the ear skeleton pictures in the study on the internet under symptoms. See the precautions section in your introductory text that you get when joining the study.

Is acupressure as good as acupuncture?
Acupuncture has been reported to be faster than regular acupressure. There may be several reasons for this. An acupuncturist looks at the general condition of the person and sometimes the general condition of the energy system may relate to the specific condition the person is dealing with. So they would get longer lasting results. Second an acupuncturist has a range of points that they experiment with, looking for points that respond in ways which give the results they are seeking. Sometimes they will put in numerous needles so they get the maximum treatment. That is harder to do when someone is giving acupressure as treatment. A therapist can only hold one or two points at a time and it takes longer for a person to hold a series of points than to just insert needles and leave them in for a length of time.

I believe Stressaway Acupressure may be more effective than acupuncture for several reasons in general. Acupuncture cost range from $50 to $100 per treatment and most often it is not covered by insurance. A dozen treatments is usually a base amount. Averaging this comes out to about $900. Then there are usually follow-up treatments on a regular basis. For most people this is very expensive especially when you compare it with an initial low one time cost for my acupressure

I have also had people tell me that they tried acupuncture and acupressure with no results but they got results with The Stressaway Acupressure system. I assume this is for two reasons but I will be wanting to test this out in my research. My system is unique in that I use simple tools for stimulating the points where as most recommend using the fingers. I get deeper and more accurate stimulation of the points. Second I recommend working with the regular acupressure points and the reflex systems found in the ears, hands, and feet. There is some documentation that using more than one system speeds healing. Most people don't like to have needles to be stuck in their ears.

Repetition is an important part of getting good results. If you have to go to someone's office for each treatment it takes a lot of time and we are all busy. I emphasize self treatment in those times when you can do it easily to yourself. Like when watching TV, or driving somewhere waiting for someone or while reading.

You have heard the old saying that it is better to teach a person to fish rather than give them fish. This applies here also. If a person gets results on a particular problem they will be learning a new healing system that they can use on themselves and on friends and family. It become a lifetime skill that will help them with all their life.

These are just a few things that make this system of healing unique and beneficial.

Is it ok to do both legs on ST36, one after the other?
Yes. You can do one after the other or both at the same time.  Look on page 53 of "Acupressure Comprehensive Index" and you can see that you can do them both at the same time. You will also see other combinations. I usually do two points at the same time with different hands so I can get double treatment in a more limited time. Having a tool allows you to get good pressure with both hands. That way I increase the power of my treatments and/or shorten the amount of time it takes to get effective treatment. By figuring out how you can treat two points at the same time on whatever symptom you are working on you increase the effectiveness of your treatment. For example when I am working on prostate problems and back stuff I stimulate ST36 and SP6 together, at the same time. Then Lv3 and K6. Then K1 and FI44 (prostate on foot reflexology chart). Then UB60 and Lv8. I can do these by raising my foot up to the top of my knee where I can reach all these points. Also I find this combination supports the foot in a balanced way so I am not trying to reach a hard point while doing a different point that makes stimulating the first point more difficult. For example stimulating UB60 puts pressure up from the back of the leg while stimulating Lv8 which puts pressure down on the leg. So the leg is kind of held in place by the two pressure.


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