Pain relief with Stressaway Acupressure using regular acupressure points plus points on the ear, hands and feet.

BACKGROUND: The most important goal of this paper is to document the exceptional results subjects were getting using the Stressaway Acupressure Program for pain relief. Underlying these results would be a documentation of the basis of auriculotherapy and reflexology which states that there is a miniaturization of the body found in the ear, hands and feet. METHODS: Subjects were selected from volunteers at fairs, flea markets and festivals where the Stressaway Program was being presented over the course of several years. Anyone in pain was asked to take a few minutes to document how well this system may help them. Pain levels were measured using a visual analog scale (numbered scale) before and after a short treatment (usually less than 3 minutes). Subject was also asked to identify pain levels between sham pain points and actual pain points. Testimonials were also collected of peoples experience. Stimulation of the points was accomplished by the subject and experimenter with three different types of tools that are part of the Program. Regular acupressure points plus points on the ear, hands, feet were used that corresponded to the problem reported by the subject. RESULTS: 1148 subjects participated. Sore points always related to problem areas identified by participants. Overall pain relief was reported at 78% while specific pain groups were: shoulder 86%; headaches 85%; backache 79%; and neck 74%. Subjects completely free of pain was at the 37% level; headache 65%; shoulder 44%; neck 38%; and backache 27%. The testimonials showed many backgrounds of people with these problems for years and no successful treatment. The words “unbelievable” and “amazing” typified many of the expressions. CONCLUSION: This pilot study supports the hypothesis that there is a miniature mapping of the body represented in these external parts and that stimulation of these points with Stressaway Acupressure results in a reduction of experienced clinical pain. These positive results, together with the dramatic testimonials of people who have used the Stressaway Program, support the hypotheses that acupressure with these tools offers an effective method of treatment that is worth studying.