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If you’ve been struggling with your pain (both physical and emotional) or your health, you have come to the right place. I have helped thousands of people, just like you and I’ve been in your shoes myself. And I’m about to reveal four simple secrets that will help you finally break free from your struggles.

Let me tell you a story about pain. I hurt my back playing football in high school. It took me 20 years to come up with a workable solution for my devastating pain. I began sharing this healing method in 1979 and people have had tremendous results over the last 37 years.

Over 230,000 people use this program for healing. In one study 1148 people reported a 78% reduction of pain in about 5 minutes using my unique combination of reflexology and acupressure. You may get this kind of relief also.


Acupressure is one of the oldest and safest healing methods known to man. We believe an expanded use of Stressaway Acupressure will solve many of your personal and our nations health care problems. The cost-effectiveness aspect of this program is unbeatable.This on-line system of healing gives you the best results possible at a price you can’t afford to pass up.

Chronic Pain is...
● #1 reason for seeking care
● #1 driver of health care cost
● #1 cause of disability and addiction
● more expensive than cancer, heart
disease, and diabetes
And it gets worse...
● 100m Americans live in chronic pain
● most use drugs for their pain
● many drugs have serious side effects
● drug research exaggerates benefits
● cost of pain is $6,350.00/yr/person
Help us change this.

The Benefits you can expect are:
● Pain relief usually in just a few minutes (we will measure how long it takes you to be pain free. We expect most people will be get relief in less than 10 days. That’s why we call this a 10 day challenge).
● Learn natural methods that can be applied to many conditions. (Over 4000 symptoms)
● Avoid surgery and get off the drugs usually prescribed for pain.
● Guaranteed results. 95% of the people tested report some immediate benefits.

This 10 Day Challenge will help you end your pain.
In this program You agree to:

● Stimulate specific points for at least 15 minutes a day (while doing other things, like watching TV).
● View general PowerPoint training and specific webinar for your condition. The more knowledge and tools you have the better your results will be. (2 hrs).
● Respond to surveys.
● When your pain ends consider sharing these secrets with your friends or family.

You will heal quickest with these four key factors:
1. A acupressure tool and e-book for stimulation of important acupressure points for mini ak set275 conditions. You will learn methods for self-healing including how to use your ears, hands, feet and regular acupressure points for healing: and how to use the Stressaway Acupressure Mini Acu-ki tool effectively with 20 easy to find pressure points. $9.95 value

2. Eighteen Webinars (listed below) give you training to find key points for your specific condition. $97 value


These webinars will also give you access to more advanced classes, tools and books in the Deluxe and Master Programs.

3. Internet training in all the key secrets of our acupressure program that will make acupressure work for you. $97 value

4.Ongoing internet support to answer questions and ensure positive result. This will include blogs, forums and open webinars for questions. You must have an email address recorded with us to get these. Priceless value.


Thousands are getting relief. These testimonials speak for themselves. There are hundreds of testimonials listed on this web site.

I have just spent $16,000 on my back problems. I've been off work 5 months. 95% of my pain was gone, in just a few minutes using this information. Unbelievable. Beverly Richardson, Danneville,Il

l crushed my knees 5 years ago in a truck accident. I have been on disability and in chronic pain. This is the first relief I have gotten since my accident. I am amazed. Leland Sanders, Asheville, NC

I had more relief in 10 minutes with these tools than a year of physical therapy three times a week from a car injury to my neck. Rachael Pyatt, Asheville, NC

I had the worst migraine headache attacks my doctor had ever seen. Nothing helped until I used the Acu-Ki tool. After 1 week my headaches never came back. Three years now and still pain free. Thanks. Naomi WaIler Huntsville, Al

The total value of of this amazing program is $197. But,
so everyone can get relief,
our price today is only $4.95

Accept the Challenge To End Your Pain Now




Thanks for joining us in our new healing journey.

Monte Cunningham


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